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Kinky Submissive Escort... Submissive Alice

Once I have been put in my place, I will be a true angel for you Sir...

Hello Sir...

My name is Alice, and I am dying to meet you.

I am a young girl originally from the deep, dark woods of Scandinavia, and still carry the softest hint of that lilting accent in my speech... and I will often revert to begging for your touch in my native tongue.

At 5ft 4 inches and 100 pounds, I´m a tiny little thing - perfect to be picked up and thrown about, like the toy that I am. Being dominated in every way, feeling your physical superiority, how you are so much stronger and bigger than me, is an ultimate turn on for me. Run your hands all over my body, see me shiver and arch my back, longing for you to leave your marks on my ivory skin, and feel how completely in your power I am. My hair is cut short, leaving my neck and throat entirely exposed, ready and waiting for your teeth, a chain or a collar – or to be choked until I´m gasping for breath, one of my favourite things. Or perhaps my Master would prefer to play with my boobs, just big enough to be the perfect handful. I love to have you slap, pinch and bite them, until my pink nipples are hard and I´m squealing in pain and delight.

Even with my slender frame, I have an hourglass figure, and if Sir lets his hands drop from my breasts unto my waist, I can guarantee you will be able to encircle it completely between your thumbs and forefingers. My ass and long, slim legs are undoubtedly my best features, and I like nothing better than to see the results of our playtime written on them, in the form of welts and bruises.

An OTK spanking will leave me wet and panting, while a session with a flogger or paddle (another favourite of mine, which I will carry to you in my mouth, naked and on my hands and knees) will have me screaming and begging for more –unless, of course, Sir would rather have me silent and decides a ball gag is the best way to keep his naughty little girl from waking up the neighbours while she takes her punishment. Hit me hard, and ensure that I am reminded of your strength every time I sit down in the days after our meeting!

While I am a true submissive at heart, I need a firm hand: My mischievous and challenging nature can sometimes lead me to be a bit of a brat, pushing my boundaries and just asking to be disciplined – a swift slap across my bottom will quickly take care of that.

I long to be your slave, for you to humiliate me and make me feel like the dirty, worthless slut that I am... hold me down, spit on me, whisper in my ear exactly how little you think of me... and then watch the immediate effect you have on my body, as I tremble with excitement and anticipation of what painful chastisement my Master has in store for me. And once I have been put in my place, I will be a true angel for you Sir, striving my utmost and attending to your every satisfaction to hear you praise me with a “Good girl!”.

What gives me the greatest pleasure is you taking your pleasure from me, Sir! Therefore I will happily submit to any wishes you have planned for our time together...

Cuff my ankles and wrists, tie me to the bed or to a St. Andrews Cross, have me struggle against my restraints – and enjoy how I am completely at your mercy, prey to your every whim. Use a rope on me however imaginatively you desire. Choose the paddle, flogger, whip or crop whose sting you think I deserve to feel. Or blindfold and gag me, deprive me of my senses as I feverishly try to anticipate from which direction the hot wax you hold in your hand will come next.

I love role play, and easily transform into whoever you want me to be: a forgetful and sloppy maid, your diligent nurse, the secretary who has come to work with no panties on and purrs into her boss´ ear that “She will do anything for a promotion”, or my personal preference, a cheeky schoolgirl who is in need of a very overdue lesson from her much more knowledgeable and experienced teacher.

I am available regularly on Saturdays, or by prior appointment during the week. If you would like to play with me, please call and arrange a meeting at least 24-48 hours in advance.

Sincerely yours, Sir...

  • Submissive Alice

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'4
    Figure: 29A-22-31
    Hair: Blond, short
    Dress Size: 2
    Shoes Size: 5
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    To find out more about my services and to make an appointment, please call:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 11pm

    Telephone: +44 (0)7725 879 382

    I am available by appointment:
    10am - 8pm

    If you would like to meet me on a DIFFERENT DAY or TIME, please call and book at least 24-48 hours in advance.